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Lake Country Conservationists Wisconsin
Wisconsin Nuisance Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Control

Wisconsin Nuisance Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Control

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Professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Lake Country Conservationists has 20+ years of experience as licensed trappers and has a staff with a passion for managing wildlife in both aquatic and terrestrial landscapes. Ponds attract all types of creatures to your property, some more desirable than others. If you are observing shoreline damage, loss of native vegetation around your pond, or missing fish you may have a troublesome critter taking up residence at your pond. While wildlife can be great observing at a distance, many animals can become problematic. Lake Country Conservationists offers many different strategies for deterring and controlling nuisance animals. Below are just some of the species we specialize in managing.

Common Nuisance Wildlife in Wisconsin

Muskrats burrow around your pond resulting in collapsing shorelines and erosion. Runs and bank dens can be a possible hazard for pond owners tripping over uneven ground and holes. Muskrats can also be responsible for damage to vegetation. These pesky rodents will uproot beneficial vegetation around your pond so they can feed on the roots and tubers. Muskrats have also been known to chew through electrical cables for fountains and lights.

Beavers provide a huge ecological benefit to natural areas but can become problematic when they take up residence in your pond or lake. If your property has water and trees keep a look out for signs of their presence. These critters will remove trees and can cause flooding water which may have a long lasting impact on your property. Lake Country Conservationists offers relocation and other removal services as well as proven successful deterrent methods.

Mink and otter cause problems for watergarden owners with fish or those concerned with maintaining a fishery in their pond or lake. These animals are rarely seen but can eradicate a large amount of fish overnight. Evidence of their presence can be missing fish or fish remains around pond. These intelligent species require extensive experience to successfully remove.

This distinct and common furbearer in Wisconsin is well known for becoming a nuisance to homeowners. These mostly nocturnal terrestrial critters can become pests around your home getting into garbage and bird feeders. They carry numerous diseases that can be dangerous to pets and can destroy nests, consuming eggs, of more desirable wildlife species.

These opportunistic feeders can become nuisances around homes and in urban areas and their management should be an important consideration for any property owner looking to create better hunting opportunities. Coyotes can disrupt deer patterns and consume fawns. Both coyote and fox can feed on bird nests and carry diseases that are dangerous to pets.

Woodchucks have been known to burrow in yards and under houses. These rodents can damage home foundations, driveways, and even septic systems. While they are normally not aggressive, when confronted their sharp teeth can be dangerous to pets. Being vegetarians they may consume ornamental plants around your yard. Keep an eye out for them around burrows and even in your trees!


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